About Unify

PlugInGuru Unify is both a stand-alone app and a plug-in (AU, VST, or VST3) that can load any Audio Unit (Mac OS only), VST or VST3 plug-ins to make new sounds. Unify can load MIDI Effects, Instruments (with keyboard note and velocity ranges) and Audio Effects into a “flat Interface” where the most important functions are visible without diving into multiple pages or menus. Unify has an unlimited number of Layers which can contain an Instrument and zero or more audio effects, and can optionally be controlled by one of an unlimited number of MIDI effects. There are up to 4 AUX Busses and all audio is finally routed to a Master Effect Bus where you can apply Master  effects.

Think of Unify as a super-powerful Combination mode like what is found in top of the line music workstations on the market… However, with Unify you can use ANY instruments and effects, not just the ones provided by a particular company.

This is our first commercially released plug-in and we’re very excited for the incredible abilities this gives musicians to use their library of various plug-ins in new and creative ways. 

This is also the future vehicle for most all PlugInGuru.com patch libraries. We plan to add new features and abilities to Unify and will release patch libraries that take advantage of the new abilities that a particular update will include.