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Welcome to Unify!

Hello and thank you for purchasing Unify! You navigate around these pages by clicking colored links, just like any other web site. Most pages have a table of contents box in the upper-right corner, containing links you can click on to quickly reach different sections on that page. If you ever get lost, just click on the “UN” Unify logo which appears at the top-left corner of every page, to get right back to this start page.

This Unify manual site is under construction, and probably will be forever, as the software itself changes over time. RED LINKS like this indicate pages which aren't available yet, because we're still working on them. Please excuse us when things are outdated or missing. If you think there's something really important we need to know about, head to the PlugInGuru forums to let us know. Thank you!

Before you start: Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't purchased Unify yet, you may be here looking for specific information to help you make a decision. Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


If you have Unify already, but it's not working for you, go to our Problems and Solutions page.

Getting Started

Creating new sounds

Controlling sounds through time

Technical details

Using the bundled plug-ins suite


  • Sine Wave Synth (built-in) plays simple sine tones for testing
  • Guru Sampler (built-in) our flagship sampler instrument
  • Dexed open-source emulation of Yamaha's classic DX7 FM synthesizer
  • Digits open-source phase-distortion synth similar to Casio's CZ-series
  • mda DX10 basic 2-operator FM synth with very low CPU usage
  • mda JX10 2-oscillator analog subtractive style synth, also very easy on CPU
  • OB-Xd open-source subtractive analog-style synth, emulates Oberheim OB-Xa
  • PG-8X Roland JX-8p emulator

MIDI Effects

  • MIDI Filter (built-in) multi-function MIDI event filter
  • Ripchord Player (built-in) turns single key-presses into chords
  • PolyBox (built-in) creates a virtual polysynth from multiple monosynth layers
  • BlueARP sophisticated MIDI arpeggiator


  • Omega Delay (built-in) creative stereo delay with integrated distortion and chorus
  • mda Delay basic stereo delay
  • mda DubDelay creative delay with feedback saturation and time/pitch modulation


Dynamics control

Equalization and Filtering

  • Restrictor (built-in) precision band-limiting filter
  • FilterMax (built-in) single-channel, multi-mode filter
  • FlexEQ (built-in) parametric EQ with high and low shelving filters plus two peaking filters
  • mda Loudness equal loudness contours for bass EQ and mix correction
  • mda RezFilter resonant filter with LFO and envelope follower


Reverberation and Ambience

  • WaterVerb (built-in) yields a swirling, “underwater” sound
  • HallVerb (built-in) basic hall reverb with Freeze button
  • EmVerb (built-in) high-quality hall reverb with early reflections
  • ZenVerb (built-in) high-quality hall reverb with independent low- and high-frequency timing
  • mda Ambience room-ambience effect
  • KlangFalter open-source convolution reverb
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