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Built-in and Bundled plug-ins

Here is the complete list of plug-ins included with Unify, organized by type.

In addition to our own built-in plug-ins, and several bundled third-party plug-ins indicated specifically below, the entire open-source MDA VSTs package is included, with the kind permission of developer Paul Kellett; see About the MDA plug-ins.


Instrument plug-ins receive MIDI and produce audio.

  • Unify itself can be used as an instrument
  • Sine Wave Synth (built-in) plays simple sine tones for testing
  • Guru Sampler (built-in) our flagship sampler instrument
  • Audio File Player (built-in) simple audio-file player with MIDI triggering
  • Dexed open-source emulation of Yamaha's classic DX7 FM synthesizer
  • Digits open-source phase-distortion synth similar to Casio's CZ-series
  • mda DX10 basic 2-operator FM synth with very low CPU usage
  • mda JX10 2-oscillator analog subtractive style synth, also very easy on CPU
  • OB-Xd open-source subtractive analog-style synth, emulates Oberheim OB-Xa
  • MOrgan Osc open-source tone-wheel organ simulator

MIDI Effects

MIDI effect plug-ins process MIDI data only (not audio).

  • MIDI Filter (built-in) multi-function MIDI event filter
  • CC Mapper (built-in) flexible MIDI CC filter/re-router
  • CC Rider (built-in) MIDI CC LFO
  • CC Sender (built-in) MIDI CC generator
  • PolyBox (built-in) creates a virtual polysynth from multiple monosynth layers
  • MidiBox (built-in) MIDI-file player with looping capability
  • JitterBox (built-in) randomizes timing (and other aspects) of MIDI notes
  • TriggerBox (built-in) creative MIDI triggering effect
  • BlueARP sophisticated MIDI arpeggiator
  • Ripchord Player (built-in) turns single key-presses into chords
  • MOrgan Perc Hammond-style, mono-triggered/polyphonic organ “percussion” effect

Audio Effects

Audio effect plug-ins process audio in various ways, and can be chained together. Unify includes many such plug-ins, which fall into six categories:


  • Omega Delay (built-in) creative stereo delay with integrated distortion and chorus
  • Sample Delay (built-in) sample-accurate stereo delay for latency compensation and special effects.
  • Chow Matrix multi-delay with advanced modulation
  • mda Delay basic stereo delay
  • mda DubDelay creative delay with feedback saturation and time/pitch modulation


Dynamics control

Equalization and Filtering

  • Restrictor (built-in) precision band-limiting filter
  • FilterMax (built-in) single-channel, multi-mode filter
  • FlexEQ (built-in) parametric EQ with high and low shelving filters plus two peaking filters
  • mda Loudness equal loudness contours for bass EQ and mix correction
  • mda RezFilter resonant filter with LFO and envelope follower


Reverberation and Ambience

  • WaterVerb (built-in) yields a swirling, “underwater” sound
  • HallVerb (built-in) basic hall reverb with Freeze button
  • EmVerb (built-in) high-quality hall reverb with early reflections
  • ZenVerb (built-in) high-quality hall reverb with independent low- and high-frequency timing
  • mda Ambience room-ambience effect
  • Dragonfly ER open-source Early Reflection reverb
  • Dragonfly Plate open-source Plate reverb
  • Dragonfly Room open-source Room reverb
  • Dragonfly Hall open-source Hall reverb
  • KlangFalter open-source convolution reverb by Uli Haberhauer


  • Audio File Player “instrument”
  • ComboBox, which allows connecting multiple plug-ins in arbitrary ways
  • MIDI Monitor MIDI stream monitoring utility
  • The Passthru effect appears in the menu of “Built-in” effects, but this is not for general use. It is a placeholder for when any audio or MIDI effect is not found when loading a patch or preset. When you see an error message and the name of the missing plug-in in red text, an instance of Passthru has been substituted.
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