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   * [[silky-chorus|Silky Chorus]] (built-in) beautiful clean stereo chorus   * [[silky-chorus|Silky Chorus]] (built-in) beautiful clean stereo chorus
   * [[phase-mod|PhaseMod]] (built-in) stereo phaser   * [[phase-mod|PhaseMod]] (built-in) stereo phaser
 +  * [[phase-more|PhaseMORE]] (built-in) multi-stage phaser
   * [[flange-mod|FlangeMod]] (built-in) stereo flanger   * [[flange-mod|FlangeMod]] (built-in) stereo flanger
   * [[mda Detune]] simple up-down pitch-shifting thickener   * [[mda Detune]] simple up-down pitch-shifting thickener
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