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What's new in Unify v1.3.x

For a complete list of changes in Unify v1.3.x, please see the official Change Log.

Click here for what was new in v1.2.

The following sections of this manual have changed:

The following new sections have been added:

Advice for finding smaller details

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Various smaller changes are not listed. In general, if you're looking for documentation of any feature, you will normally find it on the same page as related features. You can also enter “1.3” (including the quotation marks) into the search-box at the top-right corner of any page and hit Enter to see a list of pages where the exact text “1.3” appears.

Luke, Use the Forum!

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can also post questions on the PlugInGuru Forum. This is almost always better than emailing UnifySupport@PlugInGuru.com, because on the Forum,

  • You will usually get quicker and more detailed answers
  • We can ask questions in order to understand exactly what you're asking
  • Other users will be able to follow the conversation
  • Other users may step in to provide advice
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