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Unify v1.0.6 files and folders

Unify version 1.0.6 keeps its files in two distinct places on your computer.

The Unify app, bundled plug-ins, and the PlugScanner helper-app reside where your machine keeps other Applications. These are maintained by the Unify installers and you should not add, remove, or change them manually.

Unify's Libraries and Presets reside in a location of your choice, which you specify either when you install Unify for the first time, or in Unify's Settings view at any later time. Although you may add, remove, or modify these files, you should do so with care, and only if truly necessary.

Unify's Settings file is automatically created in a PlugInGuru folder, wherever your operating system keeps program settings. (The exact locations for Mac and Windows are indicated below.) In a few rare circumstances, you might need to located and delete the Unify.settings file.

Where Unify's files live on a Windows PC

Unify's Settings file (Unify.settings) can be found in C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\PlugInGuru. If you Windows system is set up to hide the AppData folder (this is the default) you may need to type this directly into the address bar of an Explorer window.

Where Unify's files live on a Macintosh

Unify's Settings file, (Unify.settings) can be found in /Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/PlugInGuru.

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