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Licensing view

Although you can open Unify's Licensing view at any time, by clicking on the “padlock” icon at the bottom right, you will only need it in three situations:

  1. When you install Unify for the first time (see Downloading and Installing Unify)
  2. Right after installing a new licensed patch library (see Adding new Patch Libraries)
  3. If your license-activation becomes invalid

Cases 1 and 2 are described in detail on the pages linked above. Case 3 requires some explanation.

Why license activations sometimes become invalid

Unify's license key codes allow you to use licensed content on (usually) up to 3 computers. The process of applying a license to a specific product, on a specific computer is called authorization or activation. In this process, three pieces of information need to be sent to PlugInGuru.com (or other vendor):

  1. The name of the product
  2. Your license key for that product
  3. Some information which uniquely identifies the computer

These three pieces of information are combined and processed into a longer “challenge code” which is sent to our servers (either online/automatically or offline/manually), which return a “response code” that effectively unlocks the licensed content for use in Unify.

Certain major changes on your computer, such as replacing the primary disk drive, or re-installing the operating system, may change its unique-identifying information. When this happens, Unify can no longer validate the “response codes”, and as a result, all of your license-authorizations become invalid at once.

Re-authorizing your licensed products

One day, you will run Unify just as you always have, but instead of opening to the full GUI as usual, you will see the “Time to Activate Unify” window, just like when you first installed it:

Click OK and follow the same procedure you did right after installing Unify, as described here. You'll need your license key for Unify itself, and for the subsequent steps you'll also need your license keys for any libraries you purchased, so you should gather that information now.

After successfully re-authorizing Unify itself, the full Unify GUI will return, but if you have any other purchased libraries, you will see a small message window at the bottom-right corner like this:

At this point, you will actually need to click on the padlock icon. (You may actually need to click twice, because the first click simply dismisses the message window.) The first of your products needing re-authorization will be selected automatically from the “New products to authorize” menu. Click either the Authorize ONLINE or Authorize OFFLINE button, enter your license key for that specific product, and follow the on-screen instructions, just as you did when authorizing Unify itself.

Depending on how many licensed products you own, the “One or more products requires activation” message may pop up again, and you will need to repeat the process for each, until all are re-authorized.

Informing your vendor

Should your license-activations ever become invalid as described above, the next step is to inform your vendor. If you purchased Unify from PlugInGuru.com, email UnifySupport@PlugInGuru.com. If you purchased from another vendor, contact ILIO technical support. Either way, explain what happened, and include all the license-key codes you had to re-authorize. We will arrange it so that all this re-activation does not reduce the total number of authorizations you are entitled to.

This situation is temporary

We aren't any happier than you are about license-activations failing due to things like Windows updates on PCs, and we ARE working to ensure this won't happen in future. In the meantime, we can only apologize, and thank you for your patience with what is still a very young product and company.

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