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Setting up Unify for live performance

The standalone Unify app basically functions as a MIDI “sound module”, and users are beginning to explore the notion of using a laptop/desktop computer running Unify as part of a live “performance rig”. At the time of writing, Unify does not yet support live use quite as well as some competing programs, but we are working hard to improve it.

To this end, two key features were recently added, and a third is on the way:

  1. Unify 1.1.7 added support for MIDI expression control with CC#7 and CC#11.
  2. Unify v1.1.10 added a simple ability to change patches with MIDI.
  3. Unify v1.2.x will include a simple change to make both of these features usable in a multi-timbral setup.

When planning your use of Unify in a live setting, it's important to understand how Unify processes MIDI data.

We invite everyone interested in Unify as a live-performance rig to join the PlugInGuru Forums, in particular the newly-added Live Performance with Unify forum, and contribute to the ongoing discussion which will shape the future direction of Unify.

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