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About the MDA plug-ins

The “mda” plug-ins are legacy, open-source plug-ins developed by Paul Kellett and colleagues, and are bundled with Unify by Mr. Kellett's kind permission. See http://mda.smartelectronix.com/.

None of the mda plug-ins have their own custom GUI, so Unify presents them using a “generic” GUI consisting of a stack of horizontal sliders, one for each of the plug-in's parameters. Note each of these parameters is also available for automation.

The mda plug-ins are bundled with Unify (as they are with a number of other VST host programs) on an “as-is basis”. We acknowledge that they are not perfect, and we will be working to gradually improve them over time. Our versions will shortly be published under the PlugInGuru account on GitHub.com.

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