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 +====== mda Leslie ======
 +**mda Leslie** is a rotary speaker simulator.
 +No overdrive or speaker cabinet simulation is added; you may want to combine this plug-in with Combo. For a much thicker sound try combining two Leslie plug-ins in series!
 +===== Parameters =====
 +^Speed  | Rotor speed: Stop / Slow / Fast  |
 +^Lo Width  | Low rotor pan modulation  |
 +^Lo Throb  | Low rotor amplitude modulation  |
 +^Hi Width  | High rotor pan modulation  |
 +^Hi Depth  | High rotor frequency modulation (Doppler)  |
 +^Hi Throb  | High rotor amplitude modulation  |
 +^X-Over  | Crossover frequency between high and low rotors  |
 +^Output  | Level trim  |
 +^Speed  | Fine control for rotor speed  |
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