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mda RezFilter

mda RezFilter simulates a VCF (voltage controlled filter) with LFO and EG (envelope generator). With both Attack and Release times set very fast, it can provide “dirty” modulation.


Freq Cutoff frequency
Rez Resonance
Output Level trim
Env→VCF Positive or negative (squelchy!) Envelope modulation of cutoff frequency
Attack Attack time
Release Release time
LFO→VCF LFO modulation of cut-off frequency (turn to left for sample & hold LFO, right for sine)
LFO Rate LFO modulation speed
Trigger Envelope trigger level (normally set to minimum to acts as a free-running envelope follower)
Max Freq Limit maximum cut-off frequency for a mellower sound (the filter can sound “screechy” at high frequencies)
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