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mda Stereo

mda Stereo adds artificial width to a mono signal.

This plug converts a mono signal to a “wide” signal using two techniques:

  1. Comb filtering where the signal is panned left and right alternately with increasing frequency
  2. Haas panning where a time delayed signal sounds appears to be at the same level as a quieter non-delayed version.

Comb mode is mono compatible. Haas mode is not, but sounds fine on some signals such as backing vocals. This plug-in must be used in a stereo channel or bus.


Width Stereo width (turn to right for comb filter mode, left for Haas panning mode)
Delay Delay time - use higher values for more filter “combs” across the frequency spectrum
Balance Balance correction for Haas mode
Mod Amount of delay modulation (defaults to OFF to reduce processor usage)
Rate Modulation rate (note that modulation completely disappears in mono)
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