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 +====== mda Stereo ======
 +**mda Stereo** adds artificial width to a mono signal.
 +This plug converts a mono signal to a "wide" signal using two techniques:
 +  - **Comb filtering** where the signal is panned left and right alternately with increasing frequency
 +  - **Haas panning** where a time delayed signal sounds appears to be at the same level as a quieter non-delayed version.
 +Comb mode is mono compatible. Haas mode is not, but sounds fine on some signals such as backing vocals. This plug-in must be used in a stereo channel or bus.
 +===== Parameters =====
 +^Width  | Stereo width (turn to right for comb filter mode, left for Haas panning mode)  |
 +^Delay  | Delay time - use higher values for more filter "combs" across the frequency spectrum  |
 +^Balance  | Balance correction for Haas mode  |
 +^Mod  | Amount of delay modulation (defaults to OFF to reduce processor usage)  |
 +^Rate  | Modulation rate (note that modulation completely disappears in mono)  |
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