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 +====== mda SubSynth ======
 +**mda SubSynth** is a "sub-bass synthesizer" effect, which provides four distinct bass-enhancing effects according to the Mode parameter, as follows:
 +  * **Distort**: Takes the existing low frequencies, clips them to produce harmonics at a constant level, then filters out the higher harmonics. Has a similar effect to compressing the low frequencies.
 +  * **Divide**: As above, but works at an octave below the input frequency, like an octave-divider guitar pedal.
 +  * **Invert**: Flips the phase of the low frequency signal once per cycle to add a smooth sub-octave. A simplified version of the classic Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer.
 +  * **Key Osc**: Adds a decaying "boom" - usually made with an oscillator before a noise gate keyed with the kick drum signal.
 +**Caution**: Be aware that you may be adding low frequency content outside the range of your monitor speakers.
 +To avoid clipping, follow with a limiter plug-in. This can also give some giant hip-hop drum sounds!
 +===== Parameters =====
 +^Type  | Distort / Divide / Invert / Key Osc. (see above)  |
 +^Level  | Amount of synthesized low frequency signal to be added  |
 +^Tune  | Maximum frequency - keep as low as possible to reduce distortion  |
 +|:::| In Key Osc mode sets the oscillator frequency  |
 +^Dry Mix  | Reduces the level of the original signal  |
 +^Thresh  | Increase to "gate" the low frequency effect and stop unwanted background rumbling  |
 +^Release  | Decay time in Key Osc mode  |
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