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 +====== mda Tracker ======
 +**mda Tracker** tracks the frequency of the input signal with an oscillator, ring modulator or filter.  The pitch tracking only works with monophonic inputs, but can create interesting effects on unpitched sounds such as drums.
 +It can be used with white or pink noise inputs to generate random pitch sequences.  Interesting evolving soundscapes can be made with a drum loop input and Tracker, [[mda RezFilter]] and [[mda Delay]] in series.
 +===== Parameters =====
 +^Mode  | SINE: sine-wave oscillator  |
 +|:::| SQUARE: square-wave oscillator  |
 +|:::| SAW: sawtooth oscillator  |
 +|:::| RING: ring modulator  |
 +|:::| EQ: peaking EQ filter  |
 +^Dynamics  | Apply dynamics of input signal to generated output  |
 +^Mix  | Wet/ dry mix  |
 +^Glide  | Maximum pitch change rate  |
 +^Transpose  | Pitch offset to create harmonics, octave doubling, etc.  |
 +^Maximum  | Maximum allowed pitch - to suppress pitch tracking errors  |
 +^Trigger  | Threshold level for pitch tracker - raise to stop tracking in gaps  |
 +^Output  | Level trim  |
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