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mda Vocoder

mda Vocoder is an 8- or 16-band vocoder for applying the spectrum of one sound (the modulator, usually a voice or rhythm part) to the waveform of another (the carrier, usually a synth pad or sawtooth wave).

Note that both carrier and modulator signals are taken from one input channel, which therefore must be stereo for normal operation. This is different to some other vocoder plug-ins where one of the input signals is taken from another plug-in in a different channel.


Mod In LEFT: Modulator on left channel, carrier on right
RIGHT: Modulator on right channel, carrier on left
Output Level trim
Hi Thru Level of high frequency input modulator input fed to output - can improve realism and intelligibility
Hi Band Level of high frequency vocoder band - may be unpleasant for some carrier signals
Envelope Envelope tracking speed - set to minimum to freeze filter shape
Filter Q Sharpness of each filter band - low values sound more synthetic, high-mid values more vocal
Mid Freq Shift the filter bank up or down to optimize frequency range
Quality Select 16-band operation, or 8-band for thinner sound and reduced processor usage
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