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Unify's built-in PhaseMod effect is a stereo phase-shifter (phaser), derived from open-source code in Paul Batchelor's Soundpipe project (see https://paulbatchelor.github.io/res/soundpipe/docs/phaser.html).

A phaser is essentially a notch filter whose center frequency is swept up and down by an LFO.


The PhaseMod GUI features eight control knobs and two checkboxes, each corresponding to an identically-named parameter available for modulation, as follows:

  • Notch1 Min: Minimum notch frequency (20 to 5000 Hz, default 100 Hz)
  • Notch1 Max: Maximum notch frequency (20 to 10000 Hz, default 800 Hz)
  • Notch Freq: Notch frequency factor (dimensionless, 1.1 to 4.0, default 1.5)
  • Notch Width: Notch filter bandwidth, (10 to 5000 Hz, default 1000 Hz)
  • Depth: Modulation depth (percentage, default 100%)
  • Feedback: Percentage of output fed back to input (percentage, default 0)
  • Level: Output level (decibels, -60 to +10 dB, default 0 dB)
  • LFO BPM: LFO frequency, expressed in cycles per minute (“bpm”) rather than per second (Hz)
  • Vibrato and Invert checkboxes (ON or OFF) affect internal DSP routing. In both cases, the effect is more pronounced when the box is checked.

Tips and Tricks

The original Soundpipe code, on which PhaseMod is based, was not well documented, so the above is all the detail we have at the moment. Experiment with the parameters to discover what this effect can do.

Like any phaser effect, this one works best on harmonically-rich sounds. You would not hear much effect on a sine-wave pad sound, but switch to a bright sawtooth sound and the difference will be very striking.

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