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A Unify user recently posted to the PlugInGuru Forum a request to be able to have a series of layers blend in gradually, one after another, as the Mod Wheel is raised. This can be done by careful crafting of parameter-link curves as follows.

For example, suppose you have four INST layers, and you'd like INST1 to sound always, but INST2, INST3, and INST4 to blend in sequentially. An example patch to do this is linked below for download, and illustrated in the following screenshot.

As can be seen, there are three links, controlling the mixLevel parameter of INST2, INST3, and INST4. The response curves are set up so that

  • INST2's level goes from OFF to 0 dB during the first third of the knob's travel
  • INST3's level does the same during the middle third
  • INST4's level does the same during the final third

The following screenshots show all three curves:

Click the following link to download the demo patch as a zipped .unify file: four_layer_blend.zip.

  1. Unzip to get the .unify file
  2. Drag/drop the .unify file into Unify to load it
  3. Save it to your own User Library (or another library if you prefer)
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