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Sharing Unify patches

This page is under construction. There are more details to add—coming soon!

Have a look at Creating patch libraries for Unify as well. Even if you're not thinking of making a full Unify patch library, many of the issues discussed there also apply to sharing individual patches.

  1. Attach zip archives to your posts (even if only posting one file), as some users may not be able to download files of other types.
  2. Include a brief description in your post, and ideally also in a READ ME file included in your zip archive.
  3. ALWAYS save with Library = “User Library”.
  4. List all third-party plug-ins your patch (or layer preset, etc.) requires, and which formats (VST/VST3/AU) you used.
  5. VST is the preferred choice to ensure patches created on Mac can be used on Windows, and vice versa.

Regarding #3: Unify gets the library name for each patch from inside the patch file, NOT the folder the file is in. So if you save a patch with the Library field set to “Unify Standard Library”, it will show up as being part of that library even if the file itself is inside some other folder. This is guaranteed to confuse people! The nice thing about setting Library = “User Library” is that every Unify user will normally have a “User Library” folder, and if they put your patch (.unify file) in there, the library name which shows up in Unify will be the same as the folder they put it into—no surprises.

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