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Silky Chorus

Unify's built-in Silky Chorus plug-in is a stereo chorus effect. A chorus effect is essentially a short digital delay line (DDL, range 4 to 24 milliseconds), whose delay-time is modulated by an LFO. Silky Chorus uses two identical DDLs for the Left and Right channels, modulated by a common sine-wave LFO with quadrature outputs, i.e., dual outputs, one 90 degrees out of phase with the other.


Silky Chorus has four control knobs, each corresponding to an identically-named parameter available for modulation, as follows:

  • Rate: sets the LFO frequency (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz, default 1 Hz)
  • Depth: sets modulation depth (percentage, default 20%)
  • Feedback: allows a fraction of the output to be fed back to the input of each DDL (percentage, default 0%) for a more pronounced effect.
  • Mix: sets the mix between the “dry” (unprocessed, input) signal and the “wet” (processed) signal at the output (percentage, default 50% i.e. even mix of dry and wet)

Tips and Tricks

  • Setting the Mix to 100% (no dry signal) yields a stereo vibrato effect
  • Feedback should remain at 0% for most uses. High feedback amounts yield a swirling siren-like sound.
  • Setting Rate to minimum can yield a subtle flanger-like effect, very useful for guitar sounds.
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