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Sine Wave Synth

Unify's built-in Sine Wave Synth is about the simplest synthesizer plug-in possible–so simple, in fact, that it has no GUI of its own. It plays sine-wave tones in response to MIDI note-events. It has no envelope, but it does respond to MIDI note-velocity (strike keys harder for louder notes) and pitch-bend (range ±2 semitones).

The Sine Wave Synth has a maximum polyphony of 8 notes.

MIDI implementation

  • Note-on and note-off messages are interpreted in the usual way, to trigger notes.
  • Note-on velocity affects individual note volume in the usual way.
  • Pitch-bend messages are interpreted in the usual way on a global basis (all notes affected), with a fixed bend range of +/-2 semitones.
  • MIDI CC#64 (Sustain-pedal) messages are interpreted in the usual way, to hold and release sounding notes. CC values 0-63 are interpreted as “pedal up”, values 64-127 as “pedal down”.
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