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Click here for what has changed in Unify v1.11.2/3/4 and v1.10.3

Welcome to Unify!

Hello and thank you for purchasing Unify! You navigate around these pages by clicking colored links, just like any other web site. Most pages have a table of contents box in the upper-right corner, containing links you can click on to quickly reach different sections on that page. If you ever get lost, just click on the “UN” Unify logo which appears at the top-left corner of every page, to get right back to this start page.

This Unify manual site is under construction, and probably will be forever, as the software itself changes over time. RED LINKS like this indicate pages which aren't available yet, because we're still working on them. Please excuse us when things are outdated or missing. If you think there's something really important we need to know about, head to the PlugInGuru forums to let us know. Thank you!

Click here for a PDF version of this manual. Our thanks go to Unify user Paul Lemman for helping us create a much cleaner version. Note the PDF version of this manual will become out-of-date at times, as changes made to this web-based manual are not automatically propagated to the PDF.

Utilisateurs francophones: Cliquez ici pour une version PDF en français, grâce à M. Thierry Faverial en France, mais veuillez noter que c'est probablement obsolète. Les modifications les plus récentes peuvent ne pas être incluses.

Before you start: Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't purchased Unify yet, you may be here looking for specific information to help you make a decision. Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


If you have Unify already, but it's not working for you, go to our Problems and Solutions page.

Getting Started

Creating new sounds

Controlling sounds through time

Using the bundled plug-ins suite

MIDI and live performance


User-contributed articles

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