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Problems and Solutions

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will change as users report specific issues. If an issue you're facing isn't listed here, let us know (UnifySupport@PlugInGuru.com) and we'll add it.

Known issues and limitations in Unify 1.x

As with any “version 1” product, Unify still has a few limitations that we'll be working hard to fix through the coming weeks and months.

Problems installing the Unify Standard Library

If you accidentally CANCEL loading the Unify Factory Content.guru file during installation: If you hit the “Cancel” button instead of “Open” when selecting the Unify Factory Content.guru file, just click the “gear” icon to go to Unify's Settings view, and click the “Select .guru file…” button. It's right in the middle—the only colored button on the page.

Duplicate entries in patch browser

A handful of users (all on Windows?) have reported seeing duplicate and even triplicate entries in Unify's patch browser. We don't yet know the cause, but there is a work-around, as follows:

  1. Close Unify if it's open.
  2. Open the main Unify data folder, and go inside the Libraries sub-folder.
    • If you see a file called favorites.xml, RENAME it (e.g. OLD favorites.xml or something).
    • Locate the file presets.db (this is the patch database) and drag it to the Trash.
  3. Run Unify again.
  4. Rebuild the patch database.

Rebuilding the patch database in this way will cause Unify to forget which patches you may have marked as favorites. The renamed favorites.xml file MAY be useful to re-mark them. Open it in a text editor and you MAY see a list of the patches you had marked as favorites before. (We say “MAY” because whatever underlying issue is causing the multiple patch entries could also affect the favorites file, so we can't be sure.)

Plug-in scanning issues

Unify's plug-in scanning system is quite robust, but occasionally, it may report that a particular plug-in can't be loaded, even though it actually can. When this happens, locate the plug-in in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer and drag/drop its icon directly into the Known Plug-Ins view. This will often correct the problem.

In a few rare cases, the PlugScanner helper app may get stuck on one particular plug-in, re-starting again and again. This should not happen at all in Unify v1.0.6 and later, but IF it does:

  1. Cancel the scan
  2. Locate the problem plug-in in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, and move it to some other folder
  3. Start the scan again
  4. Once you are able to scan all the way to the end, you can move the problem plug-in back where it was.
  5. Try the drag/drop method to re-scan just that plug-in—this works in many cases.

If you're not sure exactly which is the “problem” plug-in at step 2, you can find out as follows:

  • Watch the PlugScanner dialog to get a rough idea of which plug-in is the problem one
    • It scans in reverse alphabetical order, so you only need to be close
  • Moving a group of plug-in files—from a little before, to a little after where PlugScanner keeps getting stuck—out of the plug-in folder.
  • Re-run the scan, to see if it can get past the problem plug-in.
  • Once the scan makes it to the end, move the plug-ins back into the original folder, one at a time and re-scanning until you find the one that makes PlugScanner crash.
  • Carry on from step 2 above

If you run into any problems with the plug-in scanner, we'd like to hear about them. Any feedback you can provide COULD be the information we need to understand why something isn't working. So email us at unifysupport@pluginguru.com if you have any information to share.

Plug-ins that Unify cannot yet load

We are working hard to track down why Unify can't load certain plug-ins. The following is a list of plug-ins which at least some users have reported being unable to load - many others are. The plug-in format and operating system are indicated in parentheses, where known.

Note this list is out-of-date (as of February 2022). Since this list was first compiled, Unify has improved, and several vendors have released newer versions of their plug-ins which work better in Unify.

  • AIR Music Technology
    • Vacuum Pro
  • Lennar Digital
    • Sylenth
  • Slate Digital
    • All AU plug-ins? (Mac)
  • Softube
    • ALL Softube plug-ins (Mac)
  • Steinberg
    • HALion 6 (VST, Windows)
  • Toontrack
    • Superior Drummer, EZKEys or any other Toontrack products
  • u-he
    • Twangström (VST, Windows)
  • UVI
    • Falcon (VST, Windows 10)
  • Waves Audio
    • All instrument plug-ins
    • SOME audio-effect plug-ins

Please use the PlugInGuru Forums to let us know about any more you may discover. We have set up separate forums for plug-in issues on Windows and Mac computers, because it often happens that a plug-in may work on one, but not the other.

ALSO - The recommended way to register plug-ins is to drag the plug-in file(s) from Windows Explorer (or Mac Finder) into Unify's “Known Plug-Ins” view (click the “plug” icon bottom Right cluster). This bypasses the scanner, and may succeed in some cases where the scanner fails. If you are unable to drag/drop (some Windows set-ups block it), click the “Operations…” button at the bottom of the Known Plug-Ins view, choose “Select plug-in file(s) to load…” from the menu, and then locate the plug-in files by navigating in the usual way in the file-open dialog which appears.

Having your say

We very much want to hear your feedback about your experience with Unify–what works for you and what does not. The very best way to talk about this is to register at our new PlugInGuru Forums web site. Forum discussions can be seen by all members, so by posting your issues there, you'll be helping other Unify users who may experience similar issues.

For any communications you prefer to keep private, contact us directly at UnifySupport@PlugInGuru.com.

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