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Problems and Solutions

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will change as users report specific issues. If an issue you're facing isn't listed here, let us know (UnifySupport@PlugInGuru.com) and we'll add it.

Known issues and limitations in Unify 1.0

As with any “version 1.0” product, Unify still has a few limitations that we'll be working hard to fix through the coming weeks and months.

Plug-in scanning issues

Unify's plug-in scanning system is quite robust, but occasionally, it may report that a particular plug-in can't be loaded, even though it actually can. When this happens, locate the plug-in in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer and drag/drop its icon directly into the Known Plug-Ins view. This will often correct the problem.

In a few rare cases, the PlugScanner helper app may get stuck on one particular plug-in, re-starting again and again. If this happens:

  1. Cancel the scan
  2. Locate the problem plug-in in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, and move it to some other folder
  3. Start the scan again
  4. Once you are able to scan all the way to the end, you can move the problem plug-in back where it was.
  5. Try the drag/drop method to re-scan just that plug-in—this works in many cases.

Plug-ins that Unify cannot yet load

We are working hard to track down why Unify can't load certain plug-ins. The following is a list of plug-ins we know about, but it's not an exhaustive list, because there are tens of thousands of plug-ins out there, and we can't test them all.

  • All Softube plug-ins
  • Waves Audio plug-ins: All instruments, and some audio-effects, don't yet work with Unify
  • More to come… list under construction

Please use the PlugInGuru Forums to let us know about any more you may discover. We have set up separate forums for plug-in issues on Windows and Mac computers, because it often happens that a plug-in may work on one, but not the other.

Issues with bundled plug-ins

BlueARP: Clicking on pattern-name causes crashing on Windows systems only. Does not happen on Macintosh. This appears to be an issue in BlueARP itself, and we will work with the author to try to resolve it.

Having your say

We very much want to hear your feedback about your experience with Unify–what works for you and what does not. The very best way to talk about this is to register at our new PlugInGuru Forums web site. Forum discussions can be seen by all members, so by posting your issues there, you'll be helping other Unify users who may experience similar issues.

For any communications you prefer to keep private, contact us directly at UnifySupport@PlugInGuru.com.

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